Q: Do you have Rabbinical backing?

I get guidance regarding the content and structure of the course from Rabbi Dovid Ostroff Shlita, a student of Rav Moshe Shternbuch shlita, as well as specific questions that come up.

Q: How will I receive the classes?

It is a eight part course given online with the classes spaced two weeks apart.

The recording of the class will be sent out via email.

Q: How explicit are the classes in the course?

I will be as explicit as I can for the sake of clarity. So please make sure the materials you receive are kept private and personal. I approach this subject with deep reverence and respect, while trying to be as clear as possible, always aiming to keep it in the dignified, sacred place that it belongs.

Q: How long do I have access to the classes?

Once you register, you can either pay by credit card or I will give you the option of paying via bank transfer, shekels cash or PayPal.

Q: Can I join even if you’re in the middle of a cycle?

No problem, you can join the course at any time and listen at your own pace. I recommend that you pace yourself and listen to classes spread apart, since each class has a lot to absorb and it’s most effective to give yourself time to work through all the concepts.

Q: What ages and stage is this course geared towards?

This course is geared towards married women at any stage of their marriage. If you are not yet married, yet you feel you can gain from this course or a similar one, please contact me directly.

Q: Can I send you personal questions?

The classes are yours to keep so you can take them at your own pace! But I do request that you do not share the material with people who have not paid for the course.

Q: I am grateful that I do have a great marriage, can I still gain from your class?

Of course! Marriage is dynamic and alive and… always changing. I encourage women to be in a growth oriented mindset where there’s always more to learn. So whether you’re struggling or feeling really satisfied in your marriage, you can always take intimacy to a deeper level.

Q: Isn’t it enough that I learned this as a kallah?

As a kallah, it’s pretty hard to absorb information before you even understand what it really means in addition to it being an intense and emotional time which us why, as a teacher of brides, we are taught NOT to give too much information as it’s simply too overwhelming. As a married woman, now is the time to really grow with, explore and absorb this knowledge.

Q: I don’t have whatsapp. Will I be missing out?

You will certainly still be getting the full benefit of the material of the course!