Intimacy Course

Dear Friend,

Do you sometimes feel that..

Over the years there’s been a decline in the deep, intimate connection that your marriage once had…?

You feel so frustrated knowing that you love your husband, yet struggle to connect to him the way you wish you could…?

Your marriage is really ok, you’re grateful, yet you wish you could pump more life, depth and excitement into it…?

You sometimes feel a sense of sadness and loneliness in your marriage …?

You can’t seem to keep a focused mind during intimacy. You wonder why you feel so stressed?

You find it hard to find a time when you’re both ‘in the mood’?

You actually don’t really enjoy intimacy and feel guilty that you just sort of do it for your husband?

After having kids, your intimate life is just not what it used to be… you’re just too exhausted…?

Getting aroused seems to take so long …is this normal?

Join Devora Levy’s Complete Online Program.


Where you will learn how to take your intimate marriage to a new level!

To transform it into a rich source  passion, joy, connection, and soul-satisfying love.

Sexual intimacy is deeply important and precious to us and yet… it’s complex and its loaded.

Jewish intimacy is a topic that demands to be treated with great care, sensitivity and respect; yet we need understanding and clarity.

We need answers!

Over the years, working with women, I have noticed that it is a relationship that is sometimes

really difficult to figure out and to get real satisfaction, fulfillment and enjoyment from.

We may have different desires to our husband, perhaps erroneous information or expectations.

We may be going through changes in our bodies or experiencing different stresses in our lives.

This course is created specifically to help YOU, the Jewish women discover the answers,

information and support you are seeking.

I aim to create a genuine, accepting environment where a woman can have a comfortable,

private forum where she is safe to explore her questions and

difficulties with a strong Torah basis and real psychological insights and tools, gaining the clarity that she is looking for.

My hope is that you will leave this course feeling truly content in your relationship with your husband,

where you will know and believe that you are deeply valuable and valued by your spouse and by yourself and where you will

genuinely desire and appreciate physical intimacy.

You are invited to hop aboard the journey of a lifetime!

My Approach-Things You Will Learn



• That you are not the only woman grappling with challenges.

 • As a woman, you are so powerful and beautiful. 

• That intimacy is deeply precious to Hashem and that the Torah has so much depth and wisdom to offer us. 

• There are so many tools out there- there is hope! You can absorb a healthy, positive outlook on intimacy and get clarity about sexual functioning, and how out bodies are wired to enjoy intimacy. 

• You can confidently express your needs in a way that really works. 

• You can experience real freedom from all that’s been holding you back, opening the way to genuine emotional intimacy.

 • Men and women simply have very different ways of functioning both physically and emotionally, and there are ways to create mutual understanding and connection. 

• A deep belief in your ability to create and maintain everlasting love, passion, and connection in your relationship. And real tools to start enjoying intimacy more.

This is how it’s going to work


Sign up for the Heaven down to Earth, eight part online course. Every two weeks, you will receive a video recording to your inbox.

Each class is eye opening and practical.And there’s a reason I space them out two weeks apart…! 

This is to give you time, to really listen, absorb and to integrate the material. 

Attached to every session is an exercise for you print out and work through. 

You will be able to access the classes after the course is over.

So you can take it at your own pace if you prefer.

Here is the content covered during the class that you will gain from:

-Understanding how to create emotional Intimacy and how physical intimacy helps build that powerful bond 

– The role of the woman. What are our spiritual powers and our weaknesses?

How we can feel so loved when becoming a receiver. 

– Male and female differences in approaching intimacy. Understanding the mechanics,

how arousal works and how we are wired differently. 

– Understanding sexual desire or ‘lack thereof ‘. Overcoming different styles and needs in the sexual relationship.

Working with, accepting and loving your body. 

– Appreciating and overcoming challenges in Taharat Hamishpacha.And how to transition through the different phases. 

– The Torah’s approach to pleasure. And how you keep the passion alive.

 – The secret to being an attractive and powerful woman. Getting in touch with our own inner spark. 

– Conflict as an opportunity. How healing can open up the pathway for intimacy to be almost automatic.

Seeing the gift in the most challenging areas. 

– Understanding why our bodies don’t always seem to respond the way we want 

– Ways to communicate and express feelings with each other. You will come to accept him more and communicate effectively. 

– Building love and closeness. Loving ourselves. Intimacy with myself comes first. Having healthy boundaries. 

– Safety and respect in intimacy; positive body image. You will learn how to prepare emotionally and physically for intimacy.

By being a woman, you will allow him to be your man.

 – Creating a growing and lasting, passionate relationship where pleasure only grows with time

There’s More-Bonuses you will receive:

Bonus #1

You will receive exercises to practice at home to make this work really real for you, to put your head in the right space where you’re really able to integrate this material and not only learn it on a theoretical level.

Bonus #2

In addition to that, if you have whatsapp, you will have the opportunity to join a group of women in our small community who are as growth minded and passionate about relationships as you are! While, we do not have chatter between the group, in order to maintain the sanctity of the subject, you will have the opportunity to reach out to other women via me if there’s something you want to share… or a question to pose to other women.

Bonus #3

“How to Pass down a Healthy Approach on Intimacy to Our Children”

Bonus #4

You will receive a free 30 minute coaching session with me!

To Summarize:

. 8 beautifully recorded information-packed classes to keep for life

. Access to a community where you get to ask me any question at all under the sun!

. Bonus Class on Passing a Healthy Approach on to the next generation

. Special exercises/tools/techniques and meditations

. A 30 minute free coaching session with me!

Total Value:

Millions! Can you ever put a price on something as invaluable as your marriage?

Total Monetary Value $2000

I’m offering you this priceless package and everything included for only $480!

Payment Plans Available.


Marriage Elite Course
Marriage Intimacy Course





Join my Elite Marriage Program

In addition to all the above, you will receive:

. A year of access to a select coaching group worth $360

. 3 full coaching sessions with me worth $600

. Another free class on Intimacy and Menopause…

All this for the amazing price of $690

  Note: If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, dealing with mental illness or addiction in you or your spouse or are currently in an abusive relationship (physical or emotional), please contact me directly to evaluate if this course is for you.It may help in conjunction with other support but should not be used as a replacement for therapy.





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